Review: Sinful Cinderella

Hey Bookworms! With my new discovery of Kindle Unlimited I’ve been reading….. A LOT.

So I thought the least I could do is share what I’m reading with you! I’ll be posting one review a week, some from Indie Authors, some from traditionally published, but ALL from exciting books.

My first review is a title from Indie Author Anita Valle.

Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

Sinful Cinderella

I’m not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That’s what I WANT them to think. Because then they won’t suspect what I’m really up to. The ball, the prince – it’s all part of my plan to come out on top. Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured, every sneer I have borne. They don’t know about the white magic, how I use it to enhance myself. They can’t see that my heart is black as midnight, rotten as a poisoned apple. They’re about to find out.


Ever since I started writing Crown of Thorns I’ve been into fairytale retellings. I love being swept up into all the different concepts, and this one is no different. The story move a little fast, but that’s to be expected with a novella. The spin it puts on a classic tale makes it fresh and new, not to mention that cover is to die for!

It’s first in the “Dark Fairy Tale Queen” series of Novellas. Snow White is up next, with her next book “Rotten Rapunzel” Coming out very soon.

Wanna check out Sinful Cinderella?

Grab it on Amazon here.

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