2018 Book Release Cover Reveal

I’ve decided to release the covers and pre-orders for my 2018 releases super early so that readers who enjoy my books can have something concrete to look forward to! 2018 is going to be all about creativity and transparency. With that in mind I’m so super excited to share the next 3 books I’ll be bringing into the world in 2018. I hope you guys are as excited about them as I am!

Drum roll please!

Introducing “The Invasion Game”



The Saliens, a barbaric alien race, have destroyed countless planets- including their own. They invade, divide, and conquer. Every 10 ages they force 10 planets to bring forth their most fiersome warriors to compete for the ultimate treasure- their planets freedom.

50 ages ago the Halmanians were a peaceful race. Crime, war, and murder didn’t exist on their planet until the Salien ship appeared in their planets atmosphere. The planet has survived 4 games but Katana, the warrior princess, is determined to make this year the last. Her only goal is to destroy the competition and free her people until she meets an overconfident boy from planet Earth who swears he’s found the Salien’s weakness. Can she learn to trust him and bring down the system before the system brings them down?

 “Killer Code”


killer code transparent

16 year old Skylar usually pays her genius brother to do her homework. After all the cheer squad would freak if they found out about her dorky past- she’s worked too hard growing out of it to ever go back. But when her GPA slips in computer science she’s given two options: get pulled from the squad or get emergency extra credit. After hours of online research she finds herself in a scary place- the deep web. In uncovering a string of unsolved cyber mysteries she may have made herself the next one. Now she must enlist the help of her techie ex-bestfriend to solve an encoded puzzle and elude a cyber serial killer before she sees her name on the next digital head stone.

“The Supers of Sanction City”


supers transparent

No one knows what caused the chemical explosion that nearly destroyed Sanction City but nothing has been the same since. As the city rebuilds it finds itself facing a new disaster as it’s over run with criminals weilding strange new abilities.

16 year old Xavier is doing his best to lay low in the crime ridden city and help his mom raise his little sister. Everything changes when he runs into a group of

teenage vigilantes and discovers criminals aren’t the only ones with new powers.

When his sister is kidnapped and the police refuse to take the case he has to make a choice. Could trading in his backpack for a mask help save his sister and bring justice to his father’s killer?


Click the photos to go to the pre-order page! All books can be pre-ordered for only 0.99$!

Which one are you most excited for?


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