Asylum 54.0 Review

Asylum 54.png


They left us behind. Some say it was a mistake, while others say it was a purge. As for me? Well, I say it was my damned liberation.

They call me Ari.

Three years after being captured by the Reapers, I am no longer human. With the Y-506 virus destroying what’s left of Silo, no one truly is anymore. We now work for them, these things that control us. We kill for them, warding off the black-eyed leviathans that roam the desert hills. In return, we get to keep some piece of our past.

But you see, not all of us are compliant. Not all of us could be changed. We haven’t forgotten. I’m different, and so is Jonathus.

There are much more like us.

They took my mother and threatened the life of my sister, forcing me into a life of exile. I am hellbent on my revenge. Taking back Silo one asylum at a time is our means to an end. Joining the Underground is only the beginning…

My name is Mathai Porter. The invasion starts now.


Let me just say that Nadege’ is an absolute writing goddess. Her writing is so clear and concise, but at the same time brilliantly descriptive. On the very first page the book leaps from the page and captivates you. She writes in a way that makes you really feel like you are the character. From then on you’re taken on a badass supernatural journey that you never wanted to end.

And it doesn’t have to because she recently announced the second book is on it’s way, and it’s cover is just as cool as the first!

Want to learn more about Nadege & her books?

 Check Out Her Facebook Page
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