Why My Pre-orders Are Going Ghost

Hey everyone! There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes & Crown of Thorns is all set for its December release! I’m not working on final editing and sending out ARC’s to reviewers!

But I’m here to talk about something else- why my future pre-orders have been taken down & what it means for my future release schedule.

The publishing company that I use to distribute my books has just announced that it is shutting down!


Which sucks for me on so many levels, but I can’t even imagine the reasoning and how much it must suck for them & their employees so I’m trying not to complain too much.

This means that everyone who pre-ordered The Invasion Game, Supers of Sanction City, & Killer Code will not be charged, but they won’t get the book. The books have been removed from all retailers and I’m in the process of relisting them using a different publisher.

It’s not all a loss, though. It’s given me a reason to examine my release schedule and make some changes!

I’ll make a blog post about those changes sometime soon.

Know this isn’t going to hinder or stop me from putting books out into the world!

Expect great things to come!



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