Why I’m Staying Indie

Lately I’ve taken a step back from writing to work through some medical things as well as work out my career path (or even if I’d call this a career). Something that I wrestled with a lot is whether to stay Indie (independently publishing, marketing, and producing my own books) or to go the traditional route. As I’ve been toying with the idea I forgot why I went Indie in the first place. I’ve found while the possibility of going traditional has come up, I haven’t been able to write. Like, at all.


Because every time I get an idea my mind tears it apart.

Will an agent like it/believe in it?

Will a publishing house like it?

Is it too edgy?

Is it not edgy enough?

I haven’t been able to pick up the pen (or keyboard lol) because I’m trying to write for other people.

That’s not how I want this to go.

I don’t want to constrain my passion or snuff it out because someone else doesn’t see my vision.

I know there are readers out there who will, so I’m writing for them.

Sure it’ll be more difficult to market and spread the word by myself but its possible. This new fandangled internet thingy makes it so much easier.

So for now, I’m staying Indie and I’m going to be cranking out my best work in 2018.

If an agent comes across and shares my vision, all the better!

But if not I will continue to change the world with my words.



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