I’m back!

Heeeeeey everyone!

I have gotten so many messages, DM’s, and tweets asking where I had disappeared to.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or twitter you know that I hadn’t posted anything since the very last day of 2018! I didn’t know then, but after that my life got a little hectic and I decided to take a short break from the writing world (if you consider 4 months short). I started school to get a criminal justice degree and started blogging about other things and I got caught up in the “I can only have one path in life” mindset. After some soul searching I realized that’s not true! I still have a passion for writing books and connecting with people through storytelling. So I decided to take a leap and jump back in so here I am!

I don’t have any new releases for you guys or anything, and I can’t promise that I’ll have any soon (aside from maybe a few short stories) but I wanted to shout to the world that I’m back in the arena!

I’m going to start back up by continuing to write “Killer Code”. You can follow my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for updates and such.

And remember the lesson it took me a while to learn, keep going for the things you love even if they’re hard.


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