How Readers Can Support Their Favorite Authors


Whether your favorite author is independently or traditionally published the truth is, the need and love support from their readers.

You might be thinking, what can I do? I’m only one person of the thousands that may be reading their books.

Believe me, one person can make a huge impact and make an authors day.

So for those of you looking for ways to show your favorite authors some loooove keep reading.

1.) Buy and Read their book

Whether their books are only available on Kindle, or are available everywhere books are sold sales are important. Even one sale can make an authors day, especially when they are first starting out. Sales boost ranks, make their books more visible, and of course, benefit them because it helps them continue to get paid to bring their stories to you.

2.) Review, Review, Review!

Review the book on every channel you have, (Kindle, Goodreads, Google, Their facebook page) and be honest! If you have some constructive criticism try putting it in a sandwich- one compliment, your criticism, then another comment.

And of course let them know how the book made you feel. Did you relate to it and feel less alone when you were reading it? Say it! Writing is hard, putting your writing out for the entire world to see is even harder. You never know what someone is going through. For all you know the author could be on the edge of quitting all together because they think their writing is horrible or isn’t reaching people the way they wished it would.

Reviews also persuade others to purchase their books, which means more profit for the author to continue doing what they love!

3.) Request their book at bookstores and libraries.

Libraries and book stores are tailored to their customers. If you request a book be ordered, chances are it’s going to happen. Not only does that mean you get to read it, it puts the authors work on their radar and increases the chances of others seeing it too!

4.) Tell people about their books

If you blog, write a blog review. If you go to a book club, share it with your bookworm friends. Call your little sister and recommend their book. The more you share it with people the more it benefits the author, and your family and friends get to read an awesome book and you can gush about it together!

5.) Take photos of their book

Take photos of their book or you reading it and share it with the world, tag them on social media and let them know what you think of it!

6.) Interact with them online

Follow their Instagram, twitter, etc. Not only do you get to keep up with what their doing, but they get to interact with people who love their books!

Whether your favorite author has sold 1 copy of their books or 1 million I promise they will appreciate you doing these things.

7.) Buy their merchandise

If you’re head over heals about their book and want the world to know, head over to their shop and grab a book bag or a book mark!




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