Why Diversity Is So Important In Young Adult Books

If you're  even remotely familiar with the young adult genre you'll know that in the last few years leaps and strides have been made in favor of including more diverse stories and voices in the main stream literary world. Angie Thomas' book THE HATE YOU GIVE exploded on the scene a few months ago and [...]

Why I’m Staying Indie

Lately I've taken a step back from writing to work through some medical things as well as work out my career path (or even if I'd call this a career). Something that I wrestled with a lot is whether to stay Indie (independently publishing, marketing, and producing my own books) or to go the traditional [...]

YA Saved My Life

We're going to travel back in time to 2010. I know, it feels like ages ago, but it's important. Because that was the year that reading helped me cope- YA saved my life. I wouldn't say that I've had a particularly easy or laid back life. At 21 years old I've already gone through a [...]