Crown of Thorns

“Sleeping Beauty like you’ve never seen her before.”


crown of thorns stacked transparent.pngOver a decade ago a spiteful evil queen cursed a newborn princess. Her parents, fearing for their daughters life, looked for a way to spare her from her horrible fate. Her mother wished to send her far off in the woods to live with the fairies, but her father had a far different plan. 16 years later, the not-so-fragile princess Briar has spent her entire life raised and trained by the knights of the kingdom struggling to come to terms with who she is. Everyone is relying on “true loves kiss” to free her, but when she meets a gorgeous sorceress named Sage, she begins to realize true love comes in many shapes and sizes. When the devilish curse hits she is faced with two options: wait for a prince to rescue her from the dream world she’s trapped in, or fight her own way out.